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Abacus 380

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The Abacus 380 is the flagship product of Diatron’s 3-part differential hematology analyzers.

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The Abacus 380 is the flagship product of Diatron’s 3-part differential hematology analyzers. With an 80 test/hour throughput, small footprint, lightweight and user-friendly color touch screen, it is ideal for laboratories, clinics, and physician practices alike.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ease of use – The Abacus 380 hematology analyzer features a sophisticated but easy-to-use, multilingual operating menu that is accessed via a large, color touch screen. This allows for rapid and accurate patient data entry and also displays test results, which includes 3 large histograms. The system is designed to be low maintenance, thus avoiding long cleaning cycles and analyzer downtime.

  • High performance – The Abacus 380 provides a comprehensive 22 parameter hematology report, including a 3-part WBC differential, all available within 45 seconds and with no preparation time. All the required functions of this hematology analyzer can easily be accessed from the optimized user interface, enabling the operator to work quickly and efficiently. Its 4 USB ports allow simple connection to external devices such as a host computer or an external printer.

  • Reliable and efficient – Innovative design in combination with the use of high precision electronic and mechanical components ensure precise and reliable CBC results, even in the most demanding of clinical environments. The automatic sample rotor eliminates the risk of sampling errors and contamination due the operator inadvertently touching the sample needle and ensures operator safety. The instrument has a comprehensive QC package providing Levey-Jennings graphs for up to 6 QC levels, plus a range of self-diagnostic functions, assuring reliability and accuracy.


  • Throughput: 80 tests/hour
  • Parameters: 22 hematology parameters, including 3-part differential: WBC, LYM, MID, GRA, LYM%, MID%, GRA%, RBC, HCT, MCV, RDW, HGB, MCH, MCHC, PLT, PCT, MPV, P-LCC, P-LCR, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PDW-CV, PDW-SD
  • Volumetric impedance method
  • Sample volume: 25 μl of whole blood in normal 3-part mode, 50 μl of pre-diluted blood
  • Sampling method: Open tube system with automatic sample rotor
  • 3 cyanide-free reagents: Diluent, Lyse, Cleaner
  • Diatro•ECO Reagent Pack: Up to 145 measurements
  • Aperture diameter: 70 μ (RBC/PLT); 100 μ (WBC)
  • Clog prevention: High-voltage burst on aperture in each analysis cycle and high pressure back-flush
  • Data capacity: 10 000 results, including RBC, PLT, and WBC 3-part histogram
  • Operating temperature: 15—30 °C (59—86 °F). Optimal temperature is 25 °C (77 °F)
  • User interface: Easy-to-use, menu driven with touchscreen, separate START button and status LED
  • User languages: English, Indonesian, German, Italian, French, Czech Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian
  • Size (Width x Depth x Height): 33 cm x 31 cm x 38 cm, 13” x 10” x 15”
  • Weight: 12 kg, 26 lbs

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Weight 100 lbs

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  1. David Palace

    Efficient and Reliable equipment. Always love to deal with Elite Providers.

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