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ACETONITRILE OPTIMA LC-MS, Fisher Chemical, Case of 6 x 1L

Acetonitrile Optima LC-MS, Fisher Chemical, Case of 6 x 1L

Brand: Fisher Chemical

Category: Product ID: 931


Acetonitrile Optima LC-MS, Fisher Chemical, Case of 6 x 1L

  • Ideal mobile phase for LC-MS and UHPLC-UV applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, environmental and food safety industries
  • Novel gradient elution test with Photodiode Array Detector screens for UV-absorbing contaminants at every wavelength in the 200 to 400nm range to afford smooth baselines and to reduce interferences
  • Evaluated for 17 metal impurities at ppb concentrations to minimize the formation of metal adducts during analysis and simplify spectral interpretation.
  • 0.1 micron filtration minimizes troublesome particles that may interfere with LC-MS and UHPLC system performance
  • Provides ideal solution to prepare cleaner, particle-free mobile phase blends. Positive mode ionization (as propazine) and negative mode ionization (as mecoprop) with ESI and Single Quadrupole MS detect organic contaminants at max 50ppb and max 300ppb, respectively

Chemical Identifiers

CAS 75-05-8
Color Colorless
Physical Form Liquid
Molecular Formula C

Safety and Handling


Emergency Overview
Flammable liquid and vapor. Irritating to eyes. May cause skin and respiratory tract irritation. May cause central nervous system effects. Liver and kidney injuries may occur. Use personal protective equipment. Use only under a chemical fume hood. Keep away from open flames, hot surfaces and sources of ignition. Wash off immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes. Immediate medical attention is required. Move to fresh air.

Health: 2
Flammability: 3
Instability: 0


≤0.005 AU at 254nm,≤0.005 AU at 280nm, ≤0.01 AU at 230nm, ≤0.015 AU at 220nm, ≤0.015 AU at 225nm, ≤0.025 AU at 215nm, ≤0.03 AU at 210nm, ≤0.04 AU at 205nm, ≤0.05 AU at 200nm, ≤0.15 AU at 195nm, ≤1.00 AU at 190nm
Vapor Pressure: 97mbar at 20°C
15, 69
5 ppb max.
5 ppb max.
5ppb max.
Pass Test
5 ppb max.
50 ppb max.
5 ppb max.
10 ppb max.
5 ppb max.
5 ppb max.
0.36cp at 20°C
Actual Lot Analysis reported on label; Certificate of Actual Lot Analysis available on request.
≥99.9%, GC
25 ppb max.
Assay: 99.9% min by GC
5 ppb max.
1648; Colorless
ACN, Ethanenitrile, Methyl Cyanide
25 ppb max.
5 ppb max.
≤10ppb (Ionic, Potassium)
50 ppb max.
≤2 mAU – PDA (200-400nm)
5 ppb max.
10 ppb max.
5 ppb max.
50 ppb max.
97mbar at 20°C
10 ppb max.
12.8°C (55°F)
0.1-micron filtered.
Optima™ LC-MS, Formulated for UHPLC-UV


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