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DRE LA-540 Aspirator – Liposuction System

The DRE LA-540 Aspirator and Liposuction System utilizes two state of the art positive displacement pumps & Advanced aspirator for surgical procedures

Type: Liposuction

Category: Product ID: 5107


These dual headed pumps relieve back pressure, allowing each individual pump to pull against the patient so that a deep vacuum is quickly reached and maintained. If one pump should go down, the other three continue functioning independently.
This unit is designed to reduce noise. The positive displacement pumps used in the DRE LA-540 Liposuction System offer significant noise reduction. The DRE LA-540 is made even quieter by 1″ shock mounts that eliminate vibration. And with the DRE LA-540’s super quiet muffler and insulation system, it is one of the quietest aspirators and liposuction units on the market today.


  • Compact Li-ion
  • Battery Charger
  • Large Backlit
  • LCD Display
  • Built-in Audio Recorder
  • Interchangeable
  • Waterproof Probe


  • Voltage: 110 or 220 V
  • Weight: 64 pounds Dimensions: 17″ × 18″ × 18″
  • Max Vacuum: 29+ inches
  • Hg Max Flow: 7.5= CFM Sound Level: 29+ -3db
  • Pump: 2×2
  • Piston Horsepower: 2/3 hp

Suction Tubing (10/box)

  • Special soft formulation reduces “tubing torque” for ease in handling, yet it’s strong enough to prevent collapse
  • Relieves strain on surgeons wrist, elbow and shoulder
  • Large bore, 3/8″ I.D., to maximize flow and drainage capacity
  • Full 10′ in length for ease of use
  • Transparent for easy and accurate visualization of drainage exudate
  • Packaged sterile, ready to use

Filters (6/box)

  • Designed specifically for high flow aspirations, this filter could save you from a costly aspirator breakdown, and is a must for tumescent technique procedures
  • 144 sq./in. of effective filtration area, and is not a paper filter compared to others
  • 0.3 micron filter with a D.O.P. Rating of 99.975%, which meets or exceeds industry standards
  • Can handle flow rates of up to 225 liters per minute and is a must for the protection of your staff and your equipment

Liners (10/box)

  • IP canister system features a reusable canister in combination with a disposable liner
  • Composed of a drainage receptacle and cap in a one-piece unit, thus eliminating leakage and the problem of caps coming loose during surgery
  • IP is safer than other canister systems — after the procedure, the liner containing the aspirant is removed and disposed of with no human contact


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