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Drucker Diagnostics QBC STAR Tubes (100 test kit)

QBC STAR tube is flexible enough to use for both venous and capillary samples. And unlike other hematology systems.

Brand: Drucker Diagnostics

Category: Product ID: 4758


when performing a finger puncture you can use the QBC STAR tube as the single vehicle for collection and analysis. It’s the dry reagents contained in the QBC STAR tube that facilitate testing and analysis — safely, accurately and without the liquid reagents and the liquid biohazard waste of impedance systems. The clinician simply fills the safety tube with the patient’s blood sample and places it in the instrument. After analysis, the QBC STAR system displays nine clinically significant parameters, both on the LCD screen and on a hard copy printout for your records.


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Drucker Diagnostics QBC STAR Tubes (100 test kit) - EL Providers