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GE Aisys CS² Anesthesia Machine

The new Aisys CS2 anesthesia ventilator machine reduces workload with ET software, which regulates the patient’s spirometry with variety of ventilation modes

Brand: GE
Type: Anesthesia Machines

Category: Product ID: 971


The Aisys CS2 anesthesia ventilator machine is a cutting-edge piece of medical technology that features a color touch screen monitor that is 15 inches in size. The monitor can be used to display a variety of different types of information. The monitor has the capability of displaying numerous distinct kinds of data at the same time. Additionally, the amount of vaporizer, mechanical ventilation, and gas delivery can be modified with the push of a button in accordance with the total lung capacity of the patient.This is done to ensure that the patient receives the optimal amount of necessary anesthetic agents. It provides access to a variety of ventilation modes, some of which include VCV, PCV, PCV-Pro, SIMV, VCV, SIMV PCV, CPAP+PSV, and PCV-VG. In addition to this, it keeps a close eye on the patient’s spirometry, which is the measurement of things like airway pressure flow, volume, airway resistance, PEEP, and compliance. This is done in order to ensure that the patient is receiving the best possible care.
Its up-to-date, autoclavable, and user-friendly interface helps save valuable time during the procedure, and the respiration system has been designed in a way that makes it an excellent choice for low-flow anesthesia. This system is able to switch out the anesthetic agents and other gases while at the same time delivering new gas in tidal volumes at a very quick rate.
The utilization of this cutting-edge system makes it simpler to provide medical care for patients, which, in turn, requires significantly less time and labor. In addition, thanks to its one-of-a-kind breathing rate feature, it makes patients safer. It has a weight of 419 pounds and comes with top and side folding shelves, both small and large drawers, and smooth central casters that make it easy to move it wherever you need it to be. Other features include the ability to fold the shelves on the sides of the unit as well.
The patient’s normal breathing rate can be preserved by pressure control ventilation. Which is the system’s distinguishing characteristic. The ET software has developed an automated oxygen and anesthetic agent delivery system. This system makes the system easy to use while simultaneously reducing the amount of work that is required by approximately half.


  • 15-inch color display with intuitive touchscreen technology.
  • Displays breath-by-breath patient spirometry: airway pressure flow, volume, compliance, PEEP, and airway resistance.
  • Wide range of ventilation modes offered: VCV, PCV, PSVPro, PCV-VG, SIMV, VCV, SIMV PCV, CPAP+PSV, and SIMV PCV-VG.
  • Digitally controlled vaporizer, ventilator, and gas delivery.
  • Streamlined, user-configurable ‘Quick Picks’ for fast adjustments to agent, oxygen, and fresh gas flow.
  • Advanced Breathing System specifically designed for low flow anesthesia:
    • Small volume delivers quick response to changes in fresh gas and anesthetic agents.
    • Rising bellows provide a visual indication to help prevent leakages.
    • Easy-to-operate user interface blends seamlessly into existing workflows.
    • Autoclavable.


  • Dimensions: 52.7 in (75.0 in with vertical arm) H x 26.8 in x 32.3 in D
  • Weight: 419 lb
  • Top Shelf Dimensions: 21.6 in W x 20.31 in D
  • Top Shelf Weight Limit: 100 lb
  • Upper Shelf (Optional) Dimensions: 21.57 in W x 17.48 in D
  • Upper Shelf (Optional) Weight Limit: 50 lb
  • Work Surface Height: 34.4 in
  • Work Surface Size: 416 in²
  • Folding Side Shelf (Optional) Dimensions: 34.7 in H x 10.91 in W x 14.41 in D
  • Folding Side Shelf (Optional) Weight Limit: 25 lb
  • DIN Rail (Optional): 21.22 in
  • Small Drawers Internal Dimensions: 4.13 in H x 14.88 in W x 14.82 in D
  • Large Drawers Internal Dimensions: 5.91 in H x 14.88 in W x 14.82 in D
  • Casters Diameter: 5 in
  • Brakes: Central brake
  • Pendant Mounting Surface (Optional) Height from Floor: 29.92 in
  • Pendant Mounting Surface (Optional) Suspended Mass Limit: 800 lb
  • Unique ecoFLOW technology displays agent consumption, helping to reduce wasteful over-delivery anesthetic gases during non-automated low flow.
  • Auto alarm limits with tunneling alarms aid in optimizing alarm management.
  • Robust design available with three or four drawers.


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