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GE Vivid e Ultrasound System

The GE Vivid e ultrasound machine delivers high quality imaging in an affordable portable ultrasound solution. Brand: GE Type: Ultrasound Machines.

  • Brand: GE
  • Type: Ultrasound Machines
Category: Product ID: 5874


The GE Vivid E is packed with features that make it a great value. It is a portable ultrasound system that is lightweight and reasonably priced. It has a low price and a lot of features, such as high-quality imaging of the abdominal region as well as imaging of the heart and blood vessels that can be used to take precise measurements. Other features include imaging of the blood vessels.

This Vivid’s technology is derived from Vivid 7. Because of this, it is one of the best options available for portable ultrasound equipment of high quality.

If you work in the medical field and are interested in purchasing an ultrasound machine of high quality but do not want to spend a fortune doing so, the GE Vivid E is an excellent option that you should think about looking into. Because it is designed to offer a wide variety of clinical solutions, the GE Vivid E is the best option for imaging applications that can be used in a variety of different medical settings. Because of this, the GE Vivid E is the best choice for imaging applications. It is a cost-effective system that possesses cutting-edge capabilities, such as adaptive color enhancement (ACE), TruScan architecture (TruAccess, SmartScan, and ComfortScan), and built-in image review options. The Vivid E ultrasound machine provides an excellent value for the money thanks to all of these features.

Physical Features:
• It contains a 15-inch high-resolution color LCD screen.
• Anatomical M-mode
• External USB DVD-RW drive

Key Applications:
• Cardiovascular
• Abdominal
• Musculoskeletal (MSK)
• Small Components
• Urology
• Pediatric
• Neonatal
Highlighted Features:
• Automatic image optimization
• Stress echo
• DICOM 3.0 connectivity,
• MPEGvue
• Color Doppler
• Power Doppler
• Probe ports
• Auto-tissue optimization.(ATO)
• Auto CFM Optimization (ACO)
• Auto Spectrum Optimization (ASO)
• Adaptive Color Enhancement (ACE)
• TruScan Architecture (TruAccess, SmartScan, and ComfortScan)


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