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Kendall SCD 700 Series Controller

The Kendall SCD 700 Series Controller provides an all-in-one system for helping to prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE).
Brand: Covidien
Type: Sequential Compression

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The Kendall SCD 700 Series Controller provides an all-in-one system for helping to prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE). With the unit’s low-profile design and noise reduction capabilities, the Kendall SCD 700 blends seamlessly into any care environment, allowing the patient to rest and recover comfortably.


  • Industry-proven operation offers customized therapy for individual patients.
  • Durable design with limited liquid ingress, a stable power supply and fully protected battery.
  • Animated alarm icons communicate the causes of potential errors, and how they can be remedied.
  • USB port for efficiently updating software.
  • One-touch operation for leg compression.
  • Lightweight, portable unit can be used in any facility or for home care.
  • Adjustable bed-hook attaches easily and securely to most footboards.
  • Easy-to-read, 3.2-inch color LCD screen provides large icons for premium visibility.
  • On board vibration dampeners and soft overmolding make reduce excess noise for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Compatible with most major hospital-grade cleaning agents.



  • Mode of Operation: Continuous
  • Ingress Protection: IP23 (IEC 529)
  • Compression Type: Leg Sleeves: Sequential, Gradient, Circumferential | Foot Cuffs: Uniform
  • Compression Cycle: Leg Sleeves: 11 Seconds Compression | Foot Cuffs: 5 Seconds Decompression
  • Decompression time based upon Vascular Refill Detection measurement
  • Set Pressure: Leg Sleeves: 45 mmHg | Foot Cuffs: 130 mmHg
  • Adjustable Bed Hook: Yes
  • Power Cord Storage: Yes
  • Audible/Visual Errors: Low Pressure, High Pressure, Internal Electronics Malfunction
  • Power Cord: 13 feet long with region specific appropriate cordage and plug


  • Controller height: 6.8 in (17.3 cm)
  • Controller width: 7.7 in (19.6 cm)
  • Controller depth (freestanding): 7.3 in (18.5 cm)
  • Controller weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
  • Shipping height: 11.6 in (29.4 cm)
  • Shipping width: 9.25 in (23.5 cm)
  • Shipping depth: 13.25 in (33.7 cm)
  • Shipping weight: 7 lbs 4 oz (3.3 kg)


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