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Penlon Prima SP2 Anesthesia Machine

The Prima SP2 features a touchscreen ventilator, autoclavable absorber, and accurate Penlon vaporizers

Brand: Penlon
Type: Anesthesia Machines

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  • Height: 54 inches (1,370 mm)
  • Width: 28.4 inches (720 mm)
  • Depth: 31.5 inches (800 mm)
  • Weight 165.4 lb (75 kg)
  • Top Shelf 28.4″ × 18.9″ (720 × 480 mm)
  • Work Surface 25.6″ × 11.8″ (650 × 300 mm)
  • Drawers (up to 3) 7.5″ × 20.5″ × 15.4″ (190 × 520 × 390 mm)


  • Advanced, easy-to-use features for maximum patient safety
  • Fully-loaded specifications as standard
  • Two-vaporizer station as standard
  • Six ventilation modes:
    • Spontaneous
    • Volume
    • Pressure
    • Pressure Support
    • SIMV
    • SMMV
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Low cost of ownership—only two preventive maintenance service visits per year
  • Flexible and sophisticated for all your anesthesia needs

Integrated design and superior build quality

  • High levels of workstation integration
  • Modular construction
  • GCX™ mounting rails for superior mounting solutions
  • Dual oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air flowmeters
  • Two oxygen, one nitrous oxide, and one air yoke
  • Open architecture for monitors and accessories
  • Many monitoring shelf configurations are available
  • Two-station Selectatec® back bar
  • Flowmeter and work surface lighting
  • Four electrical outlets
  • Oxygen auxiliary flowmeter

Balanced ultra low-flow anesthesia and a proven mechanical anti-hypoxic device

  • Specifically designed for low flow
  • 50–75 ml/min minimum oxygen flow
  • 27–33% minimum Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide flow

AV-S Ventilator: Easy to use, multi-function anesthesia ventilator

  • Designed for all patient profiles
  • Volume, PCV, PSC, SIMV and SMMV modes
  • The touchscreen provides immediate operation
  • Comprehensive printer/data outputs for networking and interfacing to patient monitors
  • Integrated oxygen monitor and spirometry
  • Inverse I:E ratio capability
  • Electronic PEEP
  • Autoclavable latex-free bellows
  • Oxygen or air drive gas
  • 30 minutes battery backup
  • Selectable dual waveform display:
    • Pressure v. Time
    • Pressure v. Volume (for ventilation analysis) plus waveform freeze facility
  • Save and recall for user-specific settings
  • Flexible specifications:
    • Display mounting option
    • Multi-lingual display
  • Adult and pediatric default settings

A200SP Absorber: Advanced system integration, ease of use and high performance

  • Absorber/ventilator interface provides seamless ventilation mode switching
  • Excellent ergonomics with multi-position mounting and adjustable breathing bag arm
  • Optional heated circuit
  • Protected, integrated spirometry sensors
  • Quick-release canister for loose or pre-packed absorbent
  • Built-in oxygen monitor sensors
  • Autoclavable (excluding covers, manometer, and oxygen sensor, which are not autoclavable)

Sigma Delta Vaporizer

  • The award-winning Sigma Delta has evolved from a distinguished line of vaporizers of the highest quality and reliability into the world market leader
  • Service free (assumes ten-year product life requiring no preventive maintenance service. It is recommended that a service is carried out at ten years)
  • Selectatec®, Dräger Plug-In®, Cagemount, North American Dräger
  • Superb performance, particularly at low flows
  • Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane
  • Keyed Filler, Quick Fil®, or Pour Fill
  • Low body weight


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