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Philips Allura Xper FD10 Cath/Angio System

Complete cardiovascular imaging system produces high-quality images for challenging fluoroscopy procedures

Brand: GE
Type: Cath Lab / Angio

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The Philips Allura Xper FD 10 is a complete cardiovascular imaging system designed for a variety of interventional cardiology procedures. The Allura Xper FD 10 produces high-contrast images with low noise, making it an ideal system for challenging cardiac fluoroscopy, vascular fluoroscopy, and trace subtract fluoroscopy procedures.


  • Floor-mounted Poly Diagnost G stand
  • High output MRC X-Ray tube
  • Counter-balanced Flat Detector
  • Xper Table
  • Flexible monitor ceiling suspension with height adjustment
  • Optional examination light
  • Xper data and review LCD monitors
  • Xper Module
  • Xper Review Module
  • Xper Geometry Module
  • Optional: Xper geometry and imaging modules — ask your Avante representative for more information.



  • Suitable for minimum ceiling heights of 240 cm (94.5 in)
  • Depth of G-arm: 105 cm (41.3 in)
  • Ultra-flexible projection angles: angulation from 45° cranial to 45° caudal, rotation from 120° LAO to 120° RAO
  • Motorized rotation speed: maximum speed up to 25°/second
  • Motorized angulation speed: maximum speed up to 18°/second with variable speed, configurable via Xper settings
  • Storage and recall of two scratch positions
  • Isocenter to floor distance: 106.5 cm (41.9 in)
  • Focal spot to isocenter distance: 76.5 cm (30.1 in)
  • Focal spot to flat detector distance: 86.5 to 123 cm (34.1 to 48.4 in). The detector can be positioned manually or via motorized movement
  • The gantry can be rotated for parking to provide system-free patient accessibility: can be moved motorized at a speed of 12°/second, automatic snap positions at -90°, 0°, and 90°
  • The system is delivered standard with two black and white 18-inch LCD monitors in the examination room
  • One 19-inch LCD color monitor and one 18-inch black and white LCD monitor are standard in the control room

Xper Table

  • Radio translucent carbon fiber tabletop
  • Tabletop length: 319 cm (125.5 in)
  • Tabletop width: 50 cm (19.6 in)
  • Motorized height movement: 79 – 107 cm (31 – 42 in)
  • Tabletop metal free overhang: 125 cm (49 in)
  • Free float at 0 degrees tilt
  • Longitudinal float: 120 cm (47 in)
  • Transversal float: 36 cm (14 in)
  • Maximum allowable patient weight: 250 kg (550 lb) with additional force of 500 N (100 kg / 220 lb) allowed in case of CPR. CPR can be performed while the tabletop is set in any longitudinal position
  • Comfortable patient mattress
  • The Xper Module, Xper Imaging, and Xper Geometry Modules can be positioned on three sides of the patient support
  • Cables incorporated in the table to allow maximum operational flexibility
  • Table position coordinates
  • Maximum tilt range: -17° (head-down) to +17° (head-up)
  • Tilt speed: 2 degrees/second
  • Isocentric cradle
  • Maximum cradle range: -15° to +15° for the full tilt range
  • Cradle speed: 3 degrees/second
  • Pivot range moves from -90° to +180° (or -180° to +90°) with locked positions at 0°, -13°, and +31° (to facilitate arm angiography) and -90°, +90°, and 180°

Monitor Ceiling Suspension

  • Monitors rotate freely on the high ceiling suspension over a range of 350°
  • Suspension moves transversely over a distance of 300 cm (118.1 in) and longitudinally over a distance of 330 cm (129.9 in)
  • Allows motorized height adjustment over a maximum range of 32 cm

Flat Panel Detector

  • Size of detector housing, including BodyGuard: 37 cm (14 in) diagonal
  • Field of view: 25 cm (10 in), diagonal square
  • Detector zoom fields: 19 and 15 cm (8 and 6 in) diagonal square format
  • Pixel size: 184 x 184 microns to allow visualization of the smallest details
  • Detective Quantum Efficiency DQE (0): 75%
  • Output digital video frame: 1024² at 14-bit depth resolution
  • Acquisition speeds can not be customized per system: 3.75, 7.5, 15 and 30 frames/second
  • Digital video frame out of archiving purposes is customizable via Xper settings in different formats: 1024², 512², 8 or 10 bit

Velara X-ray Generator

  • Microprocessor-controlled, 100 kW high-frequency converter generator
  • Quartz-controlled IGBT power switch, with a minimum switching time of 1 ms
  • Voltage range: 40 to 125 kV
  • Maximum current: 1250 mA at 80 kV
  • Maximum continuous power: 2.5 kW for 0.5 hours, 2 kW for 0.8 hours
  • Nominal power (highest electrical power): 100 kW (1000 mA at 100 kV)

MRC-GS 0508 X-ray Tube

  • 5/0.8 nominal focal spot values with maximum loadability of 45 kW and 85 kW
  • Grid switching with pulsed fluoroscopy
  • Anode heat dissipation in continuous mode: 3200 W
  • Fluoro power for 10 minutes: 4500 W
  • Fluoro power for 20 minutes: 3500 W
  • Maximum heat dissipation of assembly: 3500 W
  • SpectraBeam dose management
  • Oil-cooled X-ray tube with thermal safety switch

Color LCD Monitor

  • 19-inch color LCD display
  • Native format: 1280 x 1024 SXGA
  • Wide viewing angle: approximately 170°
  • Controlled brightness: typically 270 Cd/ m², with ambient light dependent brightness control
  • On-screen display of control functions operated via push buttons
  • Audio output 0.5 watt
  • Contrast typically 800 on 1

Monochrome LCD Monitor

  • 18-inch monochrome LCD display with a native format of 1280 x 1024 SXGA
  • 10 bit gray-scale resolution with gray-scale correction
  • Wide viewing angle: approximately 160°
  • High brightness: maximum 600 Cd/m², with ambient light dependent brightness control
  • On-screen display of control functions operated via push buttons
  • Examination room LCD monitors include protection screen and motorized height adjustment
  • Complete cath lab system provides exceptional image quality for coronary angiography.
  • A flat-panel detector increases image contrast while reducing noise.
  • Ideal for challenging cardiac fluoroscopy, vascular fluoroscopy, and trace subtract fluoroscopy procedures.
  • Proprietary Xper (x-ray personalized) feature lets each clinician customize the system for their unique workflow, allowing for confident and fast diagnoses.
  • Philips Allura 3D-RA analysis package generates high-resolution 3D images from a single rotation angiography run in only a few seconds.
  • 3D-RA also offers enhanced visualization of the anatomical vessel structure.
  • Fluid workflow and DICOM integration bring together advanced image acquisition and visualization tools, multimodality access, hemodynamic monitoring, and integrated reporting.
  • StentBoost technology enhances stent visualization.
  • G-shaped, floor-mounted, motorized gantry is compact and provides excellent patient stability from all sides.
  • While the G-arm is compact, the unit’s design can accommodate virtually all cardiac projections, even with obese patients.
  • Xper cardiovascular table features a free-floating tabletop and a 550-pound weight capacity.
  • Table tilting function with automatic safeguarding system with manual override.
  • Table pivot option designed for angiographic and interventional procedures of the upper peripherals.
  • Convenient ceiling suspension enables you to freely rotate and adjust the monitors (available with two, four, or six monitors).


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