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Philips Viridia CMS 2000 Anesthesia Monitor

Philips Medical SystemsViridia CMS 2000 for Anesthesia Care

Brand: Philips
Type: Monitors – Anesthesia

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Philips Medical SystemsViridia CMS 2000 for Anesthesia Care

The Monitor for Life that remains state-of-the-art and protects your investment offers exceptional flexibility with true component modularity.


  • EASITM12-lead ECG monitoring
  • EEG monitoring with CSA capability
  • Enhanced user interface
  • New, highly-reliable SpO2 measurement
  • Urgent blood tests at the patient’s side
  • Superior information integration and management

Product Overview

The Philips Medical Systems Viridia CMS 2000 is optimized for today’s critical care and cardiac care environments. Its innovative architecture and continuous, cost-effective hardware and software updates ensure that your Viridia CMS 2000 can evolve to meet your changing needs and remain state-of-the-art.

The latest evolution in the Viridia CMS 2000 features continuous EASITM12-lead ECG monitoring, providing superior signal-to-noise ratios, patient comfort and access to the patient’s chest.

The new EEG module from Philips provides easy-to-set-up, integrated and continuous 2-channel EEG monitoring, including Compressed Spectral Array, for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

The enhanced user interface features an intuitive look and feel and provides easy access to information. Display up to eight waveforms, in any order, with large numerics. The Viridia CMS 2000 gives you the flexibility to connect to the display of your choice.

New, highly reliable SpO2 measurement that provides accurate values and clinically vital alarms, regardless of patient movement or the interference of background noise. The elimination of false alarms allows you to be where you are needed most and prevents disturbance of the patient.


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