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Zeiss OPMI Visu 160 Surgical Microscope

The Zeiss OPMI Visu 160 is a state-of-the-art surgical microscope that provides excellent imaging and control during a spectrum of ophthalmology procedures.

Brand: Zeiss
Type: Surgical Microscopes

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The microscope features depth of field management, BrightFlex illumination and ergonomic handles for precise adjustments Surgical microscope provides high quality features and ergonomic usability for ophthalmology procedures.


  • Surgical microscope designed specifically for hospitals that perform a broad spectrum of ophthalmology procedures.
  • Apochromatically corrected optics.
  • DeepView depth of field management system allows doctors to choose between optimized depth perception or maximum light transmission.
  • Integrated slit simulation offers a contrast-rich detail recognition.
  • BrightFlex illumination for a clear red reflex and good light conditions.
  • Ergonomic handgrips for precise positioning.
  • Easily adjust the speed of the zoom, focus, and X-Y movements to your requirements.
  • Available with a wide selection of accessories — ask your Avante representative for details!


Surgical Microscope

  • Apochromatic optics with T* anti-reflex multi-coating
  • Motorized zoom system. Zoom ratio 1:6, γ=0.4 to 2.4
  • Focusing range: 50 mm
  • DeepView: Depth of field management system

X-Y Coupling

  • Adjustment range 40 mm x 40 mm


  • BrightFlexTM illumination: • 6° illumination, continuous fading; • +2° illumination for red reflex
  • Integrated slit illumination
  • Vertical: width 2.5 mm
  • Horizontal: width 2.5 mm and 5 mm, movable
  • Integrated 408 nm UV cut-off filter
  • Swing-in GG475 filter to reduce blue portion
  • Swing-in KK40 daylight filter in suspension system
  • Scleral glare reduction filter
  • Fiber light guide
  • Halogen light source (12 V, 100 W)
  • Automatic exchange following bulb failure

Optional: swing-in fluorescence filter in suspension system


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