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Welch Allyn AED-10 – Automatic External Defibrillator

The Welch Allyn AED 10 is a safe, easy-to-use defibrillation device. The unit is lightweighted like mobile and can be used in situations where there could be several minutes before the arrival of advanced life support (ALS) personnel. The AED 10 recognizes ventricular fibrillation and other ventricular tachycardia and guides operators through the defibrillation process. The Welch Allyn AED 10 delivers the defibrillation shock through two self-adhesive, pre-gelled, low-impedance electrode defibrillator pads.

Brand: Zoll
Type: AED

Category: Product ID: 4990


Soma Tech Intl offers Refurbished Welch Allyn AED with the same service and warranty as new. The Welch Allyn AED is not only technically refurbished but also cosmetically refurbished to make it work and look like new. When the refurbishing process starts on the AED, it is carefully inspected and tested by our own in-house biomedical engineers that are highly skilled and certified to work on Welch Allyn AED. If necessary, parts are replaced to make sure that all aspects of the AED are functioning properly. Before the Welch Allyn AED is labeled patient-ready and packed up for shipment, it goes through one last quality control test that makes sure all aspects are again working as they should. Contact us if you are looking to buy refurbished Welch Allyn AED.


  • Intuitive design –easy operation
  • Soft Shell Carrying Case
  • Compact size
  • Follows American Heart Association (AHA)energy protocols
  • Complete device self-checks / virtually maintenance-free
  • High-res backlit display, good contrast in direct sunlight or low light environments
  • Lightweight -one of the lightest weight devices in its class.
  • One lithium battery is designed to last for years of standby performance
  • Large internal memory
  • Welch Allyn Orbital™ Biphasic Technology
  • Wireless (IR)Communications -sends data to PC or printer
  • Battery life gauge



  • Height: 2.75” (7 cm)
  • Width: 6.88” (17.5 cm)
  • Depth: 8.25” (21 cm)
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)


  • Output: MRL Orbital Biphasic Truncated exponential
  • Energy Sequence (user-configurable): Shock 1: 150 J, 200 J; Shock 2: 150 J, 200 J, 300 J; Shock 3: 150 J, 200 J, 300 J, 360 J
  • Charge Time from “Shock Advised”: 4 sec. to 150 J; 8 sec. to 200 J; 15 sec. to 360 J
  • Analysis Time: 4-16 sec.
  • Combined Analysis and Charge Time From start of analysis to shock ready:
  • From power-up: Less than 20 seconds to 200 J
  • After 6 shocks: Less than 30 seconds to 360 J
  • Audible Prompts: 18 audible prompts
  • Visual Prompts: 20 text screen prompts
  • Controls: Four buttons – On/Off, Shock, and 2 software-configurable buttons


  • Type: Backlit Monochrome LCD
  • Size: 2.1” x 1.42” (54 x 36 mm)
  • Resolution: 160 x 100
  • Freq Response: 1 to 40 Hz
  • Low Battery Indicator: Battery Icon gauge on display with 10 capacity levels
  • Backlight: LED


  • Type: Non-rechargeable, LiMnO2 12V, 2.6 Ah
  • Capacity: 90 discharges at 360 Joules or; 125 discharges at 200 Joules or; 150 discharges at 150 Joules or; 5 hours ECG monitoring
  • Shelf Life (25°C ± 15°C): 10 years (5 years storage + 5 years standby); 5 years standby (after installation).

Once everything is in working order, the unit is calibrated back to the original engineering manufacturer specifications. This ensures that the unit is working the same way that it originally left the manufacturer. After the AED System is working like new it undergoes a special cosmetic restoration process. The Welch Allyn AED 10 is cleaned, minor scratches and dents are repaired, it’s painted, and new decals are replaced if necessary. After this strenuous refurbishing process, the unit functions and looks like new. Soma Tech Intl is ISO 13485 certified and ensures that the best quality is given to all capital medical equipment that they sell.


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